Bible Verses for Coaches

Let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light.
ROMANS 13 : 12

All of us have our own ways of doing things, but we all come up against the same problems.
This site is dedicated to Coach John Wooden and Coach Sam Mandich, two men whose values-based leadership provided numerous young men (including me) 
with the best sort of example about how to compete, succeed, and live.


This site was created because I saw a connection between so many of the Bible readings used in church and the situations that occur in coaches' relationships with their players and teams.  It is not intended to be all-encompassing or infallible, but more of a resource for coaches who find themselves looking for one more way of making an important point.  I do not present myself as a theological or coaching expert, but simply as a man genuinely interested in seeing athletes and coaches find reliable methods for grounding their actions in defensible philosophy.  Many readers of this site are likely to be better coaches, Christians, and writers than I am, but I had the time and inclination to try this, so the site exists.  Each of these lessons is hoped to be a potential problem-solver for some coach searching for another way of getting an essential point across to their team or player.  Some lessons are presented just for coaches, as they deal with the daily challenges with which we are all presented.

I hope you will find the site of benefit, and I welcome your input regarding other lessons that may be helpful, stories of how these ideas came to your assistance, or anecdotes that support the principles presented.   Maybe you have a favorite Bible verse that lends itself well to this format.  I welcome your input, and wish you well in your efforts to maintain a moral aspect and a philosophical base to your coaching.

There are three divisions for these readings as linked below:

Jesus As Coach Coaches and Their Teams Personal for Coaches

Jesus As Coach
What Happens To the Lessons We Teach?
Luke 8 : 5-8
What Are You Preparing For?
Luke 10 : 40-42

For Coaches to Use With Teams
What We Want vs. What is Right
Galatians 5 : 13-18
Adversity Makes Us Stronger
Romans 5 : 3-5

For Coaches' Personal Use
Are My Lessons Getting Across?
Luke 8 : 5-8
What are the Qualities of a Good Coach?
Colossians 3 : 12-15

I am constantly adding to this site, so check back often for new pages.
Some pages may currently be somewhat incomplete, which means they are just waiting for your input.

(I have used older translations for the Bible verses, because it is what I grew up with, know best, and feel has the most eloquent language.)

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