Career Exploration Page

    The following links take you to pages where you can find information about careers or career families which may help you make a decision about your choice of colleges, majors, or classes.  This info should help you make an informed decision about the career pursuits that might be best for you.

    Connect to the O*Net to check out the O*Net code for jobs the WOWI directed you to.  You can search for jobs by using codes, job titles, job families, or other information.  Search to see what your jobs entail.  LINK

    Look up jobs you're interested in in the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH).  The OOH tells you about job tasks, working conditions, level of training required, potential earnings, and future job prospects.  LINK   Check there also for the Career Guide to Industries, LINK 

    There is a wide variety of information linked by the folks at, including some that could be very beneficial just in speeding up your on-line time.  The site has links for colleges in every state, providing you with toll-free numbers and e-mail addresses for thousands of schools all over America.  They have direct links to Financial Aid offices, Scholarship offices, and on-line application forms for most major schools.  If you are staying in West Virginia for college, then click this LINK for direct information on the 2 U's and WVIAC colleges.  You can also click on the LINK to the main page for a huge variety of connections, but beware of the ads that lead you off into pay-for services.

    Search for just the right college for you through COOL (College Opportunities On-Line).  Give them some information about what you're looking for in a college, and see what they come up with from their database.  LINK

    Looking for more of a Technical School sort of post-high school education?  Try this Career School Search.  LINK  Or, back up to their home page, and search a complete database of college and technical school options.  LINK 

    Check out what information you need to file your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) online.  LINK 

    America's Career InfoNet has a wide variety of tools to help you explore your employment future.  Along with job-market and wage trends, it lets you explore specific career opportunities by State.  You can check on your employability, find financial aid and scholarships, learn how to obtain a certificate, and much, much more.  LINK

    Many non-traditional educational opportunities are available at My Career Education, where you can explore many of your options that do not require 4-year attendance at a major university.  LINK 

    The massive Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) lists every job in the world, assigns it a descriptive code number, and explains exactly what folks in that occupation do each day.  It is somewhat difficult to navigate, but is the most accurate description of the exact tasks people perform in their jobs.  LINK

    The Jobhunter's Bible is a quirky page with several interesting things to investigate.  It has links to more career and personality tests, manuals & articles on job hunting, and several links on "unusual" jobs that you might find interesting.  LINK