World War I Review Activities

Try some of these activities to reinforce information from the unit.

When you are done, e-mail me the results for some bonus points. 


(1) Put the following events into the proper order:  Link to ordering activity. 


(2) Tell me about the meaning of

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G demonstrates that proximity can exaggerate problems to make even simple disagreements unbearably difficult.

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I shows that countries which conquer underdeveloped areas often step on each others' toes.

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N shows that an exaggerated patriotism will seem arrogant and brutish to others.

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M reminds us that no one has ever built a large army or navy (or had their leader run around in uniform) without intending to attack someone.

A Toggle open/close quiz question

A shows that having too many friends might drag us into all sorts of trouble.

R Toggle open/close quiz question

R shows that being too set in our ways may cause us to overlook simple solutions to problems or adhere to methods that are outdated.

T Toggle open/close quiz question

T shows that the development of more effective and efficient ways of killing may not actually be progress.


(3) Connecting the weapons

  Advantages Link to drag and drop activity. 


Disadvantages   Link to drag and drop activity. 


(4)  Try this Crossword of famous people and things: Link to crossword activity. 



(5) How about a Word Search of famous people and things?  Link to seek s word activity. 



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