Russia Program Future

   Since this program began, numerous other trips abroad have occurred, for a variety of reasons.  Students and teachers from our school have travelled to Japan, China, Germany, England, Greece, Italy, and a variety of other countries.  The experience truly broadened our horizons, and has expanded our perspective on our role as citizens of the world.  PCHS has continued to host students from many other countries, primarily South Korea and various nations of South America. 

   The world political scene, especially as it was affected by the events of September 11, 2001 has made it difficult to foresee the future of travel-abroad programs on a large scale.  At this time, we have no way of knowing whether AFS will ever find the funding, political support, or cooperation to sponsor any part of this program again. Some of the money came from the US Information Agency, and there are (of course) elements in our government and community who doubt the value of these kinds of programs.  While we stand ready to convince whomever we need to of the necessity of these exchanges, we also must prepare for all possibilities.  At present, we consider the continuation of this exchange to be so important that we would take whatever measures necessary to find funding and support.  As true believers in the value and success of our meetings so far, we have every intention to go back to Sestroretsk in the future.

   If you wish to pledge any sort of support for the future of this program, e-mail the webmaster.

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