In two separate, but equally inspiring, trips, 18 PC students and 2 teachers have traveled to Sestroretsk, Russia, to establish a relationship with School #556 there.  Having won an AFS-sponsored contest, the school was able to send Mr. David Woody and 10 students in 1995, then Mr. Robert Hattman took 8 more of our kids in 1997.  In between, we hosted 16 Russian students from our sister school, as well as their Headmistress, and two teachers, plus 3 other Russian AFS kids.
     Here's the whole story of how we were selected, and what we did while we were there.
     These are just some of the photos of our trip; there's an entire album at the school.
Sestroretsk is very near St. Petersburg, which we toured with regularity.
     Though the differences in cultures makes regular contact very difficult,
we try to keep up-to-date on addresses where you can contact folks we met there.
     Will we get to go back?  We certainly hope so.  Though the political and economic climate changes regularly and rapidly in Russia, we remain ever hopeful that arrangements can be made again to allow another visit.  Our experiences thus far have been excellent,
and the people we met were warm, generous, and kind.